1. Dry cakes, honeycombs or biscuits are always welcome on the holiday table. Place on the floors and fill with cinnamon sticks, lime, oranges, figs or just place balls …

2. Candles! Put a lot of them …, but always watch the flames. It’s best that they’re in protected vessels or candles… also watch wax that can leak if it’s bad candlelight quality or worse for a long time.

3. Check the vessels, vases, baskets you already have at home … I always tell clients to freely bring me their vessels or vases that are their dear memories or stylish match to make Christmas arrangements or installations in them.

4. Old and in any way you can easily adjust your interesting materials with color.. you have received an angel of golden color and your decorations are in white and silver colour … buy a white spray, warm it in white and place it as a detail on the napkin or decorate the bread basket.

5. If you like Shabby.. nothing easier – buy a bucket of white color and paint all decorations in white.

6. Determine the decoration colors that suit you in your apartment and stick to them, if you are not some designer let them be just two colours, and if you are exaggerated in your apartment, limit yourself to just one color. You can always play with tones of that color and maybe insert silver.

7. When setting up the table, watch the table. It must be in accordance with the selected decorations, if you are not sure choose white, beige or grey, mostly neutral color … the tablecloth above the tablecloth must be in a similar tone with the tablecloth, and not in contrast.

8. The table will always get beautiful if you add details to napkins … This is usually a detail from the already existing decoration. Make a cinnamon snope and tie the red stuffed machine around it and place it on a napkin that you just fold and laid on a plate.

9. Fresh flowers are always preferable on a solemn table, buy a few roses or ranuncles and just put them one or two in several smaller vaults … the shorter the flowers you cut, the longer.

10. The low decoration must not exceed a height of 30 cm so that it can be communicated at the table.