Make yourself an original decoration for the holiday table. Decoration can be made of different spring flowers, decorative greenery and other materials. Play with colors, materials and species. Decorate the plates with decorative napkins and add a cookie, branch, onion or just an egg for each guest. If you have glass floors, send biscuits or cookies to them.

Put the eggs on a large plate around which bend the decorative wedding. Choose the materials that are available to you – olive branches, spring flourished branches, lianes, etc. You can also put some other suitable decoration on the table – e.g. ceramic rabbit or duck. If you want, you can make several decorations, in more sizes. Finally, do not forget candles or small harbors … they will make the atmosphere warm and especially festive.

For inspiration or if you don’t have time to make the holiday decorations alone, see our collection of already finished decorations for Easter this year and decorate your home or office. Apart from the table, decorate in the same style other rooms.