Whether you are a romantic, vintage girl or a minimalist who loves green color, flowers and greenery can perfectly tell your love story. Although it seems that the choice of flowers for a wedding may not be so simple, believe me, very easily and simply together we can reach a solution with which you will be very satisfied.

For me, every wedding is different and unique and there is nothing we cannot do with flowers (and the greenery of various shapes is for me flowers:). To make it easier to decide which flowers you want for your wedding, first specify the main tones that will prevail at your wedding. It’s just that special touch everyone’s gonna notice. Whether your wedding flowers will be in pastel tones, red, combination of strong colours or green with a little white color, that’s exactly what makes you special and why your wedding style is unique.

When choosing the basic tones, it must be taken into account that the flower shapes and flower design fit with the other stylistic elements you imagined at your wedding. In this way, flowers at the wedding become just the scenes of everything else. When you have decided which tones are, with complete confidence you can leave to my team because it is really important for us that all flower decorations are made of high quality natural seasonal flowers that perfectly combine with exclusive imported flower

Don’t worry there are no two similar weddings, because apart from you and your better half, every wedding carries its energy, the style you “wear”, and me and my team will make every effort to make an unusual way to combine flowers your flower orb magnificent.

Certainly, before you start the preparations for the wedding, look for inspiration at Pinterest, Instagram, to make it easier to see which direction you want to go. After that you can be calm because we take on the complete further organization until the final realization.

I am so happy that together with my team I can allow you to choose beautiful flowers for the wedding that will thrill you and all your guests.

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