A few weeks ago, I came back from New York, this wonderful city that always thrilled me again. I waited for my impressions to settle down a little bit, but I’m still impressed with the whole trip I want to share with you. Preston Bailey’s workshop in New York was genius and, above all, incredibly inspiring.

Preston Bailey is recognized in the world of flower design as a genius who manages to completely transform conference halls and spaces and turn them into glamorous installations. Flowers as the main element causes fascinating effects and enthusiasm for all those who had the opportunity to see his works. It was very interesting in the company of very creative people from all over the world and to hear how my colleagues in Dubai, India, Ghana, Great Britain, America, Puerto Rico work ….

During Preston Bailey workshop, in three days, we had the opportunity to learn and learn the experiences of a very successful wedding planner for glamorous and exclusive weddings and events with 20 years experience. She shared her experiences with us and how she works with clients, how much she is made available to them, in what phases she works … in fact, I found a lot of similarities in the way our studio works (only max.pre-day and quality can result). The workshop itself was arranged so that in addition to lectures, we also worked on very concrete tasks, and then presented them to Preston and the whole world through FB ????.

I was particularly interested in the design and scenography of events, how to arrange budgets and other organisational details. I was particularly impressed with the techniques used to make glamorous flower decorations, flower walls, monumental trees with lavish floral branches … There were also large installations for guests’ tables, structures for dressing halls in crystal or flower ceilings, wall flower installations … something completely new and ingenious.

Preston definitely has his style and who wants glamorous and luxurious weddings or events in his style then he is THE BEST. He works all over the world for the richest people who can afford his lavish work. Preston lives and works at NY, and just before the workshop began, he moved offices to a new address. We were honoured to make some of the installations that will permanently remain in his new studio ????.

Preston Bailey’s workshop was really beautiful, inspiring, fun and stimulated new creative moments in me. I can’t wait for projects where I can apply new glamorous installations and give my imagination the will of playing with new techniques.


The New Yorkers obey flowers. They buy it with bread and milk because it is sold in ordinary stores already packed in smaller packages. Their style can definitely be characterized as wild, romantic and natural. I, meanwhile, love New York for its parks, which are full of flowers. I like this simplicity of thinking and guessing to make a beautiful small park out of nothing from a common empty road. Luxurious gardens work in big squares, set up a pair of benches or cans with chairs, some stand with free newspapers, and that’s it ????!

New York, New York … was as wonderful as ever ????