Organizing a wedding isn’t always an easy job. But to us, it’s passion. And then it happens that you have the opportunity to work in a totally enchanting location with such a wonderful couple. Then you know what you’re doing makes sense. Everything indicated it would be something special. And it was … the perfect wedding in Istria.

Beautiful Istria, a young German couple who wanted an outdoor wedding, guests from all over the world, lots of good emotions and smiling faces, the indescribable beauty of nature, food, taste and smell. So we could briefly describe this perfect wedding in Istria.

We’ve already written about how popular weddings are out in the open. This was even more special insofar as the guests arrived a week before in a small village in Istria with beautiful stone villas. Because why do you enjoy something so beautiful just for one day? So the warm-up for this wedding lasted a whole week.


In order to be able to fully enjoy such a location and everything it offers, it is necessary to prepare a series of little things and technical things, and to harmonize all persons who participated in the preparation of something special like this. The wedding setup itself was preparing for two days and over 30 people participated in it, all of which were successfully led by our coordinator. As the perfect wedding was prepared in Istria, our newlyweds had a relaxed time with their guests and joyfully and solemnly sailed into the marital harbor in the best possible mood.

The outdoor ceremony and dinner was the client’s wish. The sound of the crickets, the scent of various indigenous plants, is only a part of the atmosphere in which guests enjoyed the opening dinner under the light of magical lamps. At a moment when the rain got a little cold and started, a good party continued under tents with a verified DJ. Always to clients who have weddings outdoors suggest they have a back up plan. Therefore, in addition to the outdoor part, we had a tent ready and ready just in case of bad weather, which did not bypass us, but did not even spoil this wonderful event.

Lela Design vjencanje u Istri na otvorenom


As relaxed and lying as this kind of wedding seems, the most important thing is to be carefully planned. Because the wedding planner thinks about all possible scenarios at least three times.

My sincere advice is for future newlyweds not to engage in such projects (because they are projects) without organizers, because on the day of their wedding they will be tired of performing questions and solving their technical requirements. With a good organizer, he will be able to enjoy his day completely carelessly, without stress.

In order to keep memories of these special moments forever recorded, it is important to choose the perfect photographer, and our was Nikola Matić ????