There’s a wedding fair behind us. Although it is still a very popular boho and vintage style, there are more and more of those who want something completely original and different. What is certain, theme weddings are coming back in style. Just like that, thematic weddings are our specialty and passion. The wedding topics can be diverse. You can determine them with color, song, some historical period, anything that is important and interesting to you. That’s what the charm is about. Namely, one new and original wedding can be made from every theme. We decided, inspired by Gatsby style and Art Deco period, for black and white combinations in all possible ways.

Thematic weddings need not be more expensive than some styles already seen, they are simply more original and fully planned to the smallest detail. In detail, we build a whole theme story.

Through many years of planning and organising weddings, we have worked on different theme weddings and there is the most beautiful and creative part of our work. The moment a client determines the topic he wants to have at his wedding and leaves everything to the professionals there is a real spell. To have the trust of future newlyweds gives us the opportunity to show the best of our own creativity and to create a story that fits to the smallest detail into the original theme wedding.

Location, band, photographer, invitations, me, cake and cakes, protocol, inventory, scenography, lights, textile and flower decorations, guest gifts … All details agree on an interesting story. The most beautiful and completely original theme weddings are a total hit and are returning in style to the big door!

The wedding fair was an opportunity to play a black and white combination that we spiced with a little red. A few unexpected details such as feathers in flower decorations, a red couch, a large lollipop, original cakes and striking black tablecloths are part of the stage which additionally highlighted this simple, yet powerful combination of black and white. The effect was fantastic, which was confirmed by the award for the most beautiful exhibition venue at the fair.

Thanks to our long experience we always know what we do and how to dock or intensify colours for each client, whether to go with feathers or only with white flowers, whether to put black dots or flat black lines on cakes, whether to play with great brooches or put only fantastic ones on cakes.

They often ask us about trends, and I like to say that we create trends. Thanks to our experienced team, partners and suppliers, we can spend all our creative ideas and ideas in reality. This is how we create all over again some completely new and original stories and create trends that are not copy-paste variants.

Lela Design thematic weddings