Travel as an eternal inspiration – I take you to Thailand! As we await the first snowflakes, I take you to a distant country that thrills me all over again.

The light green color of plants acts as though there is always spring there and everything is fresh and burst. Thailand is a paradise for all those who love flowers, plants, fruits of indescribable colours, tastes and names … I was very happy to return to this wonderful “colorful – green paradise”. This time I had a great desire to visit the flower market in Bangkok and one of the most famous markets – floating market.

Travel is my eternal inspiration on which I fill my batteries and on which I already figure out in my head what and how I want to work in the new season. Travel as an eternal inspiration for numerous flower decorations that leave Lela Design Studio. I am delighted by all these new forms, colors, varieties of flowers and plants. This time I take you, at least through paintings, to two phenomenal destinations, to experience a piece of this colourful beauty that is really difficult to resist.


A huge, large flower market resembles a small town because it includes all the surrounding streets with rich flower wholesalers. At the market itself, flowers are sold in rush and huge quantities of orchids can be seen in various colors, carnations, lilies, bananas, cadifes, roses …. One of the specificities is that each house, shop, business premises have their own temple that they decorate daily with fresh flowers, so that the need for flowers is daily and in enormous quantities. Imagine how many flowers it is considering that there are about 69,000 million people in Thailand. In this market you can find stalls that make small weddings that serve to decorate these own temples.

What thrilled me is how many flowers they sell are of high quality, full of luxurious buds and fresh. A complete paradise for my eyes.


Another place that completely thrilled me is the floating market. By coming to this magical place, you will remain full of impressions that you will remember forever. At the entrance to the market, all guests are greeted by a dozen elephants in their natural size made of wood. They’re so fascinating and realistically designed to act completely real.

After you buy a ticket, you wait for longtail (customary boat transport). Then he starts running through channels like James Bond. Although it may seem a little rushed, because of the large crowds of ships, people, huge offers … in fact, all this colours, colours, tastes are something that leaves breathless. Already from the very colors, I filled my batteries and inspired myself for a new spring collection, which I immediately started preparing upon my return to Zagreb.

For those who like to award their palates in addition to colours, I would certainly single out Rose Apple fruit (it looks like our apple, and it tastes like a rose apple). I was impressed completely. But of the many wonderful fruits I have never tasted or seen before, I would point out Mangosteen (to me one of the most beautiful fruit trees, looks like wooden little apples), Tamarid (it looks like peanuts, it tastes sweet). I also rewarded myself with phenomenal little coconut pancakes.


With a variety of different plants and flowers, it is possible to find the blossom flowers everywhere. For the Thai, it has a special meaning. They use it in ceremonies and ceremonies and are often given as a sign of friendship.

The reason for the worship of the blossom’s flowers lies in the belief that the beauty of the rising flowers is clean from the muddy water, can be compared with the constant longing of mankind for loneliness and immortality.

But if not everything remains on flowers and plants, I will remember this inspiring journey by a lot of warm and colorful colors, but above all by beautiful precious people.

Until the next trip ….