To get something like that, they knew they needed a good protocol, excellent and professional performers, wedding organisers and coordinators. This is where we came, took over communication, agreements, negotiations … and made an excellent team that will allow Ana Marija and Ivan a dream day.

Ana Marija began the day by saving within the circle of her sisters and mothers who gave her an album with family paintings from their former life together. They chatted cheerfully and had fun until the time came to move to the church.

The church ritual was beautiful and full of emotions in one of the most beautiful churches in Zagreb. The ritual began with the entry of cute bridesmaids and boys who carried a ring cushion, and then Ana Marija accompanied her father entered. A special ceremonial note was given at this moment by the choir which filled the church’s space with its beautiful voices.

The festive dinner in the atrium of Zagreb’s Mimara Museum began with the spectacular entrance of the newlyweds with happy day, performed by Klapa and Ana Marija’s sister at the piano. It was a wonderful emotional family moment and a special gift to the intercepted Ana Maria and Ivan.

We achieved a luxurious scenography in space with monumental decorations on antique settings. We put a special accent in space on the table of the newlyweds, which was illuminated with warm soft light. The atrum of the Mimara Museum, where the solemn dinner was held, filled with elegant flower decorations on silver candles, and we increased the level of elegance in gray tablecloths on banquet tables for guests.

The attention of the guests was particularly attracted by a nicely decorated dessert table filled with cookies and cakes decorated on silver and glass floors, mirrors, Lanterns and flower decorations by Lela Design studios.

Flower decorations are made of blazers, English fragrance roses, ranunculas in bright tones of pink, purple and orange color mixed with gentle pastel tones.

The romantic atmosphere we achieved was just an overture for a beautiful evening where Ana Marija and Ivan enjoyed with their friends, relatives and guests.