Wedding bouquet is synonymous with every bride or wedding, no matter where it takes place or in what style it takes. Wedding bouquet from ancient times represents an important ornamental moment for all newlyweds. But why and how the bride started wearing bouquets is actually an interesting story.

Brides carried their bouquets back in ancient history, there are more different data than everything leads to the same story. Which is that the newlyweds wore bouquets to smell especially on that day. Namely, at the time brides did not have the opportunity to swim every day, nor did they have the opportunity to use various cosmetic preparations. With a bouquet of fragrant flowers and plants, the brides could still smell nice and feel special on their day.

Some data suggest that a variety of herbs were used for the wedding bouquet. And that same herbs were later used during the evening during a meal. Sounds a little unusual, don’t you think? In addition, certain plants had some symbolism and brought happiness, so it is understandable that brides wanted to have them with them.

Brides were thought to bring happiness, so in the 17 th century they tore out pieces of their dresses in order to bring visitors a piece of happiness. Since it was certainly not pleasant for any bride, over time the bride started to bring happiness to the guests in a different way instead of their dress. And so the custom of throwing bouquets started. Even today, this custom is practiced at almost all weddings. How lucky is it to ask those who caught a bouquet of at least once? ????

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