Stancija Meneghetti in Istria served as a magnificent orb for our garden wedding. Kristina and Dominique wanted a wedding in Istria on one of the most beautiful apartments near Rovinj. They envisioned an open-air wedding ceremony under the tree tree tree crown and a solemn dinner with the scent of grapes from vineyards with top gourmet specialties. Stancija Meneghetti is perfect for fine garden weddings in vintage style.

Lela Design vjenčanja Istra stancija Meneghetti

The guests came to the Kristina and Dominique wedding from all over the world and everything had to be emancipated by elasticity and fineness, but with a sense of relaxation and pleasant entertainment.

We decided on the long tables we placed on the pool meadow and decorated them with white hortensions and pastel roses in silver-gold and glass vases with lavender, rosemary and olive branches. Each guest was welcomed with a personalized detail on the napkin – menu with a small twin of a rosemary branch with his name. Above the tables, we set up bulbs that gave a beautiful warm atmosphere, and by the pool our grey wooden lanterns worked nicely.

The atmosphere was magical and guests brought warm pleasant atmosphere and danced until early morning hours. Kristina and Dominique enjoyed their friends relaxed all night because our co-ordinator took care of all the details and protocols.

Dear K&D I hope to see you when our paths meet in Croatia!

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