Most newlyweds often avoid winter weddings, which, due to weather (UN) opportunities, is difficult to stay in exterior. But mostly because of the impression that winter weddings are poor in flowers. The winter wedding, organized in a magical location, can turn your beautiful day into a real winter fairy tale, even though winter itself creates a unique and unrepeatable tower.

Although many newlyweds will shake their heads at the winter wedding … let me at least try to convince you that even the winter wedding can be very special. Winter is a time when boho or glamorous weddings, decadent decorations, special materials and textures will fit perfectly … It is also a time for rustic or simple romantic weddings.

Cold months in which we like to shut up and drown give us a lot of ideas and decorations that are perfect at this very time. Velvet, tartan, quench shades, rustiality, but also a palette of brown, bronze or always my favorite gray shades. Equally wonderful are those classic red and white themes that will fit perfectly in the winter wedding.

If you’re a real boho girl, your wedding can be in earthly and green tones, and with metallic and silver tones you’ll add a breath of luxury. If you are planning a rustic winter wedding, I suggest the use of earthy tones or wood colours with green and red details, and it will be very effective to point out a dessert table or a couple of bars with hot winter drinks such as hot chocolate (which you can add to “spice” with a little rum). Along the hills of lamps and glamorous flower installations, your winter glamorous wedding will completely enchant all your guests. Here we have many elements and textures with which we can play and create a real glamorous effect, from schists, high glass vases, many balls with glass glasses … as perfect decorations we can ideally fit a flower tree or even a flower wall, central decoration, one of the latest trends that I recently had the opportunity to see at a workshop in America.

Decorations such as pinecones, Christmas bonuses, mistles, red berries, gold-smeared apples, fur or wooden decorations will perfectly complement any winter wedding. When it comes to invitations, and these possibilities are very big, and the tone and style you choose can go on as a theme throughout the winter wedding. So, the decorations at the time of winter are really big despite you’d think there were no diverse flowers. Moreover, the details of the winter wedding can be even more specific in some cases than in the summer. Another reason why we like winter weddings is numerous locations that are almost idyllic in winter. When you add some flakes to that story, you might start thinking differently about winter weddings.