Wedding at the Mimara Museum


Organisation, planning and coordination: Lela Design

Wedding design/invitations, lighting, inventory, scenographic elements, gifts/: Lela Design

Flowers and flower decorations: Lela Design

Date: April 2015

Ana Marija and Ivan have dreamed of a classic elegant wedding in a relaxed atmosphere. In order to get something like that, they knew they needed a good protocol, excellent and professional performers, wedding planners and coordinators. That is where we came into the picture, took over the communication, agreements, negotiations etc. . and made an excellent team to ensure that Ana Marija and Ivan get their dream day.


Ana Marija began her day by getting ready in the circle of her amazing sisters and her mother. They gave her a family album with pictures from their previous life together. They chatted happily and had fun until it was time to head to the church. The church ceremony was beautiful and full of emotions in one of Zagreb’s most beautiful churches. The ceremony began with the entering of the loveliest bridesmaids and a small boy carrying the rings, followed by Ana Marija making her entrance with her father. A special ceremonial note this time was added by the choir, filling the church with their beautiful voices.

The formal dinner in the atrium at the Mimara Museum began with a spectacular entry of the newlyweds along the song ”Happy Day” performed by a Croatian klapa ensemble and Ana Marija’s sister on the piano. It was a wonderful and emotional family moment and a special gift to the delighted newlyweds.


A lavishing scenography was achieved by the usage of monumental decorations on antique platforms.  We placed a special accent on the newlyweds’ table, which was illuminated with soft warm light.

The museum space in which the formal dinner was held was filled with elegant floral decorations on silver candlesticks and grey tablecloths on banquet tables for the guests added an extra dose of elegance. Special attention from the guests was drawn by a beautifully decorated dessert table, filled with cookies and cakes placed decoratively on silver and glass platters, embellishing the table along with mirrors, lanterns and floral decorations by Lela Design studio.


Flower arrangements were made out of peonies, fragrant English roses, ranunculus in bright tones of pink, purple and orange, combined with delicate pastel shades.

The romantic atmosphere we achieved was only a prelude to a wonderful evening that Ana Marija and Ivan enjoyed with their friends, relatives and guests.

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