The wedding of Ana Jelusic on Trsatska gradina


Each and every client is special in their own way. Some know exactly what they want, some have nothing in mind at the beginning of our colaboration. Their levels of demands vary, as well as the scope of items desired for their weddings. As the proverb says: “To each their own. ”

From the first moment Ana and Travis entered our studio, we knew that their story will be special. We named the project “Love is in the air” because that is what we immediately felt.


After the initial conversation that included a presentation and our suggestions, they let us create their own wedding story. It is a special pleasure to work with clients who give us a lot of creative freedom, have trust in our professional judgments and are ready to consider our suggestions and proposals.

We decided that the flowers should definitely be white, airy and fluffy, creating elegance and sophistication. Our aim was to paint a picture of fresh mountains, air, love, spontaneity and simplicity with our selection of flowers and rich inventory.


We used gentle gypsophila flowers, white hydrangeas that looked like snowy baubles, white lisianthus flowers that represented meadow flowers, white carnations that symbolically represent pure love and happiness and, finally, white simphora berries that bravely defied the Triestine bora wind, dangling peacefully despite the strong wind. The picture that our choices painted was one of a beautiful snow cover, contrasting the cold and grey stone. Our chosen inventory maintained purity and simplicity. We chose only transparent glass in different shapes and sizes, small golden chalices and various candleholders – in total, 273 glass vases and 352 candles in candleholders and lanterns. The tables were 8 meters long and decorated with rounded compositions of vases, flowers and hundreds of candles.

“The smile on Ana’s face as she came for her wedding bouquet confirmed that we had fulfilled our task properly. You can see the image gallery here.


Thank you, Ana and Travis, for your endless trust!”

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