Ten tips for making your own Christmas decorations at home:


1. Dry cakes, gingerbread  and various biscuits are always welcome on the holiday table. Place them on tier trays and platters and complete your decoration by adding cinnamon sticks, lime, oranges, figs or just place some baubles…

2. Candles! Use a looooot…However, always be careful about the flames. It is best if they are in protected containers or candleholders. Also, take into consideration that wax can drain down the candles of lower quality or after they have been burning for a longer period.

3. Check the bowls, vases and baskets that you might have at home. I always advise the clients to bring me their own containers or vases they especially cherish or the ones that match the desired style for the decorations.

4. Old and interesting materials can be adjusted in colour. For example, if you have a golden angel and all your decorations are in white and silver, just buy a can of white spray, apply it to the angel and place it as a decoration on a napkin or in the bread basket.

5. If you prefer shabby style, nothing can be done easier – buy some white colouring and transform all the decorations into white pieces.

6. Choose the colour of the decorations that will match your apartment and stick to it. If you are not much of a designer, choose only two colours, and if your apartment decoration has already been overdone colour wise – stick to only one colour. You can always experiment with different tones of the chosen colour and add some silver to the story.

7. Try to take the tablecloth into consideration as well when you set up the table. It should be in harmony with the decorations. If you are not sure, choose white, beige, grey or any other neutral colour and try to match the tone of the topper to the tablecloth, avoid using contrasting colours.

8. Your table will always look nice if you add a couple of details on the napkins. Usually, such details can be made from already existing decorative items. Make a bundle of cinnamon sticks by tying them together with a red plush ribbon and place them on a folded napkin on the plate.

9. Fresh flowers are always desirable on a festive table. Buy some roses or ranunculus and place one or two in several smaller vases. The shorter the stem – the longer the flowers will last.

10. Short decorations should not be taller than 30 cm so they don’t disturb the communication at the table.

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