PUBLISHED 10. 03. 2017. | Lela

Whether you celebrate your wedding with the closest circle of friends or you decide to have a large celebration, you will need to send wedding invitations. After the invitations are sent, the excitement can start for both the guests and the newlyweds…


It is possible that your guests have already heard that a wedding is imminent, but only when they receive their invitation they will know that they are invited and to what kind of a celebration they are invited. Both newlyweds and guests are preparing for the wedding, so the wedding bon ton dictates that wedding invitations have to contain all important information about the day, time and place of the wedding ceremony and gala dinner. In addition to basic information, if you wish  or feel it is very important to you, the invitations can include additional information (the dress code, contact for arrival confirmation, the restaurant website, a link to a folder, etc.).


However, a good wedding invitations, with their appearance – graphic design, writing style, quality of paper or color printing and other, describe the upcoming celebration. This is especially important if you are organizing a modern wedding or non-traditional celebration of something that your guests are not expecting. With good wedding invitations, newlyweds will be spared of unnecessary questions and they will avoid misunderstandings and discomfort.


Lela Design has plenty of experience with invitations. We know which are the best practices and terms of sending invitations. Also, we have a data base of different texts for invitations, written in several different styles. Besides having the best selection of top quality invitation, we cherish an individual approach, so we know where and how to design your wedding personalized logos – initials, emblems and even entire invitations, all adapted to the style of your wedding.


In our Studio, you can view the best of the best – the most beautiful wedding invitations that are available on the Croatian market. We know the designers and printers who can fulfill your every desire and idea. In addition to wedding invitations, we can offer you other printed material, which can be styled in compliance with all the other wedding elements, within your set budget.

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