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Preston Bailey workshop


Preston Bailey workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I came back from New York, that wonderful city that’s always thrilled me. I’ve waited some time for my impressions to calm down, but I’m still very impressed with the whole journey and want to share it with you. The Preston Bailey workshop in New York was brilliant and above all incredibly inspirational.
Preston Bailey has been recognized as a genius in the world of floral design. He can completely transform conference halls and different spaces into glamorous installations. He uses flowers as his main medium to create fascinating effects and to delight all the people who have had the opportunity to see his creations. For me his workshop was the opportunity to collaborate with very creative people from all over the world and to hear how my colleagues from Dubai, India, Ghana, the UK, America, Puerto Rico … perform their work.

Preston Bailey workshop

During the Preston Bailey workshop, in three days, we had the opportunity to learn from the experience of his very successful wedding planner for glamorous and exclusive weddings and events with 20 years of work. She shared her work and experience with us, her relationship with the clients, how much she is available for them, what planning phases to use… In fact, I found out a lot of staff to be in common with our studio (only with our maximum dedication and quality we can achieve the top results). The workshop itself was arranged in the way, that apart from lectures, we were also working on very concrete tasks and then we presented them to Preston and the whole world via FB.

I was particularly interested in the design and scenography for events, how to do budgets and some other organizational details. What impressed me the most were the techniques PB team used to create glamorous flower decorations, flower walls, monumental trees with lavish flower branches … There were also large installations for guest tables, designs to construct crystal or flower ceilings in halls, wall installations made of flowers … something completely new and brilliant.

Preston Bailey workshop

Preston Bailey workshop

Preston definitely has his own style and for those who want glamorous and lavish weddings or events in this style, then he is THE BEST. He’s been working around the world for very rich people who can afford his lavish creations. Preston currently lives and works in NY, and just before the start of the workshop he moved his headquarter office to a new address. We had the honour to create some of the installations that would stay forever in his new studio.

The Preston Bailey workshop was really beautiful, inspirational, entertaining and it inspired in me new creative moments. I can’t wait to get the projects where I’ll be able to recreate glamorous installations and let my imagination run wild by playing with new techniques.

Trends, Trends …

New Yorkers adore flowers. They buy flowers together with bread and milk because they are sold everywhere and packed in small bundles. Their style can definitely be characterized as wild, romantic and natural. However, I love New York because of its parks full of flowers. I like this simplicity of thinking and self-indulgent lifestyle when they create from nothing and turn a simple, plain, empty road into a beautiful little park. They do gorgeous gardens in big pots, set around some benches or tables & chairs with a stand with free newspapers and that’s it.

New York, New York … it was wonderful as always.

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