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A wedding planner

A wedding planner is someone who can be of great help during the organization of your dream day, but there are still many couples who consider that the best way to organise their wedding is to do it on their own, which is sometimes true. Massive numbers of wedding planners have recently emerged on the Croatian market and, in accordance to this, the great unprofessionality that have caused many people to distrust planners. However, there are more reasons why a wedding planner might be of great help. Before choosing your wedding planner or organizer, make sure you check his/her references and experience. It doesn’t matter where your location is, a good planner can organise a wedding at the other end of the country or even abroad. Due to his/her rich experience, variety of inventories, a great supporting team and numerous vendors to work with, a true planner can really manifest all your concepts and ideas.

A wedding planner

Why choose a wedding planner? Certainly he/she hasn’t been working on this kind of organisation for the fist time, regardless of the number of guests. Nothing can substitute experience, on top of that a planner has a big database of collaborators. Our planner approaches your wedding as if it were the most important wedding in the world. We consider that each wedding is unique. You will feel much better knowing you have someone to whom you can present your ideas, wishes, suggestions and the planner’s job is to make them happen. A planner can sometimes give you his/her own constructive suggestions or ideas if considers that something even better can be incorporated in your wedding.

One of the most important things, apart from the experience, is the notion that a planner works for the couple to be married and is not affected by the parents, the best men, the bridesmaids or somebody else. So you can be sure that your wishes will eventually be taken care of, without the additional “but”.

Why else would it be important to have a planner – you can rely on a professional who knows every detail of your wedding organisation and takes care that even the smallest detail is in place. It is a person who enables you to relax and enjoy your own wedding day.

a wedding planner

a wedding planner

Numerous weddings are behind the Lela Design Team and what has turned out to be common to all of them were happy and satisfied newlyweds who continued to cooperate with the team after the wedding. They were full of impressions and even a little bit sad because the wedding was over. That is attributed to not exhausting themselves versus couples who organize everything by themselves.

You may think that you can do everything on your own and accordingly spend less money. The fact is that the money you pay for a planner is shortly repaid. As I already mentioned, a planer works with numerous suppliers and has the ability to make discounts, something you can never achieve yourself, also would like to point out the greatest advantage that comes with a planner is an additional team of experienced professionals who are in charge of every detail on your wedding, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Our task is that everything function without mistakes. We control all the details, but nobody should even realize that we are present. We take care of the protocol, the lighting that accompanies the newlyweds during their first dance, the wedding cake that should be served in the right moment, how many glasses of champagne should be served during the cutting of the cake, who needs to be on the dance floor – whether only the newlyweds, or the parents and the best man/bridesmaid, the guests’ schedule, unexpected guests, musicians and making sure that they don’t have too many intervals, electricity, heating, weather conditions … absolutely everything.
A planner is your best “guest” due to the fact that it is his/her job to look after you and everything you want to happen on your wedding day. It is a person who manages the whole orchestra in order to make your wedding perfect, just how you want to remember it, as an unforgettable experience without stress.


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