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Travel and be inspired

Travel and be inspired for ever – come with me to Thailand! As we are waiting for the first snow flakes this year, I am taking you to a faraway country that has always delighted me. The bright green colours of plants make us believe in everlasting spring and that everything is always in bloom and fresh. It is a paradise for all those who adore flowers, plants, fruits of indescribable colours, tastes and names … I was really looking forward to visit again this wonderful “colourful & green paradise”. This time my greatest desire was to visit the flower market in Bangkok and one of the most famous markets – the floating market.

Travels are my lifelong inspiration, places where I recharge my batteries and create in my head what and how I want to work in the new season. In travels I find inspiration for numerous floral decorations that are created in the Lela Design studio. All these new shapes, colours, varieties of flowers and plants are inspirational for me. This time I am taking you with me, at least through the pictures, to two phenomenal destinations, so that you can experience a part of that multicoloured beauty which is hard to resist.

Travel and be inspired

1st stop – Bangkok Flower Market

The huge flower market looks like a small city, due to inclusion of all the surrounding streets with its numerous retail flower shops. On the market itself, the flowers are sold in bulks and one can see huge amounts of orchids in various colours, carnations, water lilies, bananas, marigolds, roses…  One peculiarity of the Thai people is that they daily decorate their own temples with fresh flowers. Every house, shop, business space have their own temple, so there is a big demand for fresh flowers and in huge quantities. When we consider that around 69,000 million people live in Thailand, just imagine the amount of flowers we are talking about. In this market you can find stalls that sell small wreaths which are used to decorate these kinds of temples.
What delighted me, personally, was the quality of flowers. They were full of gorgeous buds and very fresh. An absolute heaven for my eyes.

Travel and be inspired

2nd stop – Bangkok Floating Market

The floating market is the second location I am so completely thrilled with. Just one look at this magical place could forever fill you with positive emotions. At the market entrance all guests are welcomed by ten elephants in natural size and made of wood. They look fascinating and are so realistically carved that appear totally real.
You need to buy an entrance ticket and than wait for a longtail (a regular boat ride). After that you await the channel race experience like in the James Bond movies. Because of the great crowd of ships, people and goods for sale the market looks incredible busy… actually, all that variety of shapes, colours, and flavours leave you breathless. Just the colours, there, were enough to fill my batteries and inspire me for a new spring collection, which I immediately started to prepare back in Zagreb.

In addition to colours, for those who want a mouth-watering experience, I would like to single out a rose apple (it looks like our apple, but tastes like an apple with rose flavour). I was entirely impressed. From plentiful of wonderful fruits that I have never eaten or seen, two more would need to be mentioned as well – a mangosteen (one of the most beautiful fruits, looks like a small wooden apple) and a tamarind (looks like a peanut and has sweet taste). I also rewarded myself with the phenomenal little coconut pancakes.

Travel and be inspired

A Water Lily as a Symbol of Friendship


A water lily is the flower that stands out among different plants. It can be found everywhere. For the Thai people it has a special meaning. They use it in festive ceremonies and rites and is often given as a sign of friendship.

The reason for worshipping water lilies refers to the belief that the beauty of flowers that pure rise from blurry waters are comparable with the constant longing of humanity for chastity and immortality.

Apart from flowers and plants, this inspirational journey will be remembered by a lot of warm and colourful colours, but above all by wonderful people.

Until the next trip ….

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