PUBLISHED 22. 02. 2018. | Lela


The Wedding Fair in Zagreb has just ended. Though the boho and vintage style are still very popular, there are more people who want something totally original and different. One thing is for sure, the themed weddings are back. Exactly these kinds of weddings are our specialty and passion. The themes for weddings could be varied. They could be determined by colour, song, some historical period, whatever you find important and interesting. In that lies the magic. That is to say, a new and original wedding could be developed from every topic. We have decided, inspired by the Great Gatsby style and the Art Deco period, for black&white combinations in all possible ways.

The themed weddings don’t have to be more expensive than some of the styles seen so far, but are simply more original and planned to the finest details. A detail, by detail, we develop a complete themed story.

We’ve been planning and organising weddings for many years and working on various themed weddings which we find to be the most beautiful and creative parts of our work. When clients determine the wedding theme they want, and than leave all to professionals, here the real magic begins. The clients’ faith in us enables us to show the best of our own creativity and to produce a story that is incorporated into the original themed wedding all the way to the tiniest details. All the details fit into one interesting story including the location, band, photographers, invitations, menu, cakes, protocol, decor, scenery, lights, textile and flower decoration, guest gifts. … All the details fit into one interesting story. The most beautiful and completely original themed weddings are total hit and they are returning into fashion with a big bang!

themed weddings are back in fashion

The Wedding Fair was a chance to play with the black&white combination that we spiced up with some red colour. A few unexpected details like feathers in floral decorations, a red sofa, a big lollipop, original cakes and striking black tablecloths were all part of the set design that additionally highlighted the simple yet powerful combination of black&white. The effect was fantastic, what was also confirmed by the Award for the Most Beautiful Exhibition Space at the Fair.

Thanks to our experience, we are always sure about our work and when to enhance or reduce colour effects, whether to use feathers or just white flowers, whether to place black dots on cakes or just straight black lines, or to play with glossy brooches instead of ribbon bows.

themed weddings are back in fashion

We have often been asked about trends, and I like to say that we are the ones that create trends. We can also implement all of our creative ideas and concepts due to our experienced team, partners and suppliers. So, we are always in the process of recreating some brand new and original stories, and we create trends that are not just copy-paste variants.

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