PUBLISHED 25. 06. 2018. | Lela

Wedding bouquet


A wedding bouquet is a synonym for any bride or wedding, no matter where it is held or in what style. From old times this floral tradition has represented an important ornamental moment for all brides. But why and how brides have begun to carry bouquets is actually a very interesting story.

The origin of bridal bouquets stems back to ancient past, there are some different data but they all lead to the same story. That is, the brides were carrying bouquets because they wanted to smell special on that day. Namely, the brides than neither had the opportunity to bath every day nor the luxury of using different cosmetic preparations. With a bouquet of fragrant flowers and herbs, the brides could after all smell nice and feel special on their day. Some information suggest that variety of herbs were used for creating the wedding bouquet and than the same herbs were eaten in the evening at the dinner table. It sounds a little bit odd, doesn’t it? Apart from that, certain plants had certain symbolism and brought happiness, so it was understandable that brides wanted to have them near.

It was a common knowledge that brides bring luck so in the 17th century parts of their dresses were taken away from them in order to bring a piece of luck to the guests. Since, surely, to no bride this custom was pleasant, the brides started, instead of their clothes, bringing luck to the guests in a slightly different way. So, the custom of throwing bouquets began. Even today, this practice is used at almost every wedding. Does this really bring luck; we need to ask the ones who, at least one time, have caught the bouquet.

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