La Grma, Zagreb

A Boho wedding in the woods right above Zagreb’s Ilica

Only three minutes from the main Zagreb road Ilica, in the protected area of the Grmošćica forest park-forest, there is an object called La Grma. There used to be a feathers factory on an area of 9000 m2, but recently an old factory hall got a completely new function. By maintaining the architectural elements typical of this type of building, the space now in modern form still exudes its “old” warmth. The Hale exterior perfectly completes the wooden plateaus arranged in the forest for a complete experience and enjoyment in the natural surroundings. The old store has been renovated into a cocktail bar for outdoor entertainment, and the position is ideal for welcoming your guests and a welcome drink. The location is ideal for boho, rustic and vintage weddings with a variety of personalized decorative details. Feel free to contact us for organization and design because weddings are our specialty.