The design styling of the set is here to create the ideal scenery for various occasions and events that are thematically conditioned by clients: large companies, photographers, magazines and private individuals. Mirela Lela Mikšić has twenty-five years of experience in the creative industry and boasts of collaborating with a whole team of professionals required for such filming – top photographers, lighting professionals, designers, stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers – as well as interesting locations.

Flowers are the most powerful tool in creative expression

Lela Design styling for shooting

Interesting locations

Lela Design styling for shooting

Top photographers

Lela Design styling for the shoot

Floral design

Ideas are sometimes created spontaneously and quickly and sometimes very analytically and planned, so they go through all the necessary processes. It all depends on the type and need of the client himself, be it a large corporation or an individual who wants to impress his guests and make a set for a dinner party, for example. Our set design could be described as creating an ideal and harmonious composition with props and flowers. They often serve as artistic backgrounds for fashion editorials in magazines, perfectly designed showcases, creative advertisements, or tastefully decorated dinner tables.

“When words are not enough”

Lela Design

Lela Design styling for the shoot

We tell stories with props and flowers

Lela Design styling for the shoot
Lela Design styling for the shoot
Lela Design styling for shooting

“Say it with a gesture”