Art of nature - christmas advent

350,00 kn550,00 kn

Lela Design’s natural Advent is hand-knitted with fragrant and fresh twigs of silver pine, eucalyptus, myrtle and beautiful blue-green thuja, as well as materials such as forest moss, birch bark and forest berries that make it an interesting work of art. It is also decorated with rare cedar cones and cinnamon sticks and with 4 white candles that further emphasize the simplicity of natural materials. We spiced up the whole design with a rich brocade golden-brown bow that gives the whole wreath a feeling of monumentality, elegance and glamour.

We want to bring nature into homes, business spaces and offices.


Medium- wreath 35 cm in diameter (350 kn)

Large- wreath 40 cm in diameter (like on the picture 450 kn)

Deluxe- wreath 50 cm in diameter (550 kn


The wreath does not come with a brown basket. The picture shows inspiration on how you can play and decorate your home, office or business space.

In addition to natural Advent, you can also order a wreath for the door or a holiday decoration in a bowl, so that everything is in the same style.