Classical advent with holiday fragrance

550,00 kn850,00 kn

The classical Christmas Advent Lela Design is hand-knitted from natural fresh materials that make it rich and irresistibly luxurious. We want to bring nature into your home or office. By choosing the material, we guarantee top style and impeccable elegance.

The wreath is made of fragrant evergreen materials reminiscent of Christmas- cypress, eucalyptus, pinus, moss, various berries, and beautiful blue-green thuja. The classic Christmas Advent is decorated with glass balls, refined cedar cones and 4 simple white candles. As an additional décor, a rich brocade golden-brown bow appears, with which we added a bow made of dark green plush.

Want a lavish Christmas in your home or office? Send us pictures of your apartment/office to [email protected], and we will suggest decorations and decors.


Medium- wreath 35 cm in diameter (550 kn)

Large- wreath 40 cm in diameter (like on the picture 650 kn)

Deluxe- wreath 50 cm in diameter (850 kn)


The wreath comes without a glass shelf.