Rosie peonies in a box

525,00 kn685,00 kn

The Rosie peonies in the box is an ideal gift for romantic nostalgists who like to arrange themselves.

Peonies – sometimes just a regular flower in the gardens of our grandma, and today it’s an exclusive for which makeup and makeup crazies.

If you want another color or quantity, such as your anniversary number, contact us via contact form, e-mail or phone.

The peonies come sneaked into fine silk papers, in a box measuring 65 x 16 x 11 cm with a decorated satin band. In addition to flowers, there is also a personalized card written in your message.

If you have explicit wishes and want to make sure that certain flowers will be available on a specific day, order up to 10 days in advance. We order flowers from the world stock exchange from the Netherlands to Ecuador and we ask for understanding when ordering.