Simple christmas decoration or advent

170,00 kn490,00 kn

Christmas decoration or Advent- tall white candles tucked into natural scented materials like myrtle, laurel, pines, blue-green thuja as well as various berries and moss. Each decoration comes in a jar that we wrapped in jute or soda paper, and you can order as many as you want.

With a fragrant Christmas decoration or Advent, you will bring a touch of nature into your home, and if you wish, you can play with it and decorate the bathroom, kitchen, desk, chest of drawers… simply let your imagination run wild.

Or do you want to cheer up your friends with Christmas decorations or impress your business partners?


Small- 1 Christmas decoration (170 kn)

Medium- 2 Christmas decorations (270 kn)

Large- 3 Christmas decorations (380 kn)

Deluxe- 4 Christmas decorations (490 kn)