White flowers in vase

450,00 kn (59,73 €) 1.500,00 kn (199,08 €)

White flowers in vase, decorated with luxurious greenery, are an excellent gift for people of elegant style and classic taste.

The flower decoration comes in a 17 cm-high glass vase wrapped in several layers of silk pink paper. In addition to flowers, there is also a personalized card with your message.

Keep in mind – the purchase of flowers is seasonal. Flowers unavailable at the time of order will be replaced by others of the same aesthetic value and quality. Therefore, the supplied floral decoration may differ from the product in the picture. Thank you for understanding!


Small (450 kn)

Medium (650 kn)

Large (850 kn)

Deluxe (1100 kn) – as in a picture

Diamond (1500 kn)