Wedding in Zadar

Wedding in Zadar – rustic weddings under the tent have definitely marked the year 2017. On the last wedding fair, we have presented a tent design with brown wooden floor and a see-through roof tarpaulin, instead of already seen white baldachins.

Rustic style has been a total hit this season and it inspired us to do this design. Luxurious garlands made out of olive branches, laurel and ivy were hanging under the see-through roof tarpaulin, decorating the wooden tables. In the center of our tent, we’ve put a dessert table with carefully chosen desserts, also following the rustic style – cakes were decorated with olive branches, pastry was decorated with lavander and berries, whereas the jute, which fitted perfectly with the rest of the decorations, was tied around the bagels with a regular string…

Wedding in Zadar


Instead of using normal cocktail tables, we decided to use barrels, which additionally accentuated the relaxed atmosphere we created. The lighting was totally natural and little light bulbs were hanging from the ceiling, stranded on a plain black cable.

Wedding in Zadar

I have been thinking about this tent design for a while now, so I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank my partners who contributed to this design with their skills and knowledge and coverted my ideas into reality.


wedding in zadar

wedding in zadar




Design, scenography and flowers: Lela Design

Printed materials (invitations, menus, gift cards, guest list..): Lela Design

Style: Glamorous romantic

Photographer: Ino Zeljak

Location: Zadar, Croatia