Lela Design floral decorations exude glamor and luxury while enhancing the visual value of a space or location. The flowers are a magnificent wedding backdrop on a ceremony or wedding reception, and discreetly create the desired atmosphere – from elegant to warm or casual. Although known for romantic, pastel tones and soft floral shapes, we always align floral design with the wishes of the newlyweds, the default wedding theme and other style elements.

We tell stories with flowers

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Pastel tones

Lela Design Floral Design

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Flowers are just one of the design elements. In addition to choosing flowers for a wedding, private celebration or business event, it is equally important to choose an accompanying inventory. Lela Design studio has everything from small inventory to furniture and the right scenic elements, all in multiple sizes and styles. Own inventory gives us greater freedom of creative expression, and guarantees you a superior product.

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“Our decorations are the magnificent backdrop of every event”

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Lela Design takes a unique approach to shaping and designing flowers. We make floral decorations from high quality seasonal flowers from domestic manufacturers that we mix with exclusive imported flowers. We can offer unusual and rare floral types, which guarantees impressive and unique decorations. We are constantly looking for new, attractive plant species and unusual ways to combine and creatively design them.

Floral decorations are a touch of elegance

Cvijece i cvjetni dizajn za vjencanja by Lela Design
Cvjetni dizajn, inventar i cvijece za vjencanja by Lela Design
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Their approach to designing floral decorations is like making artistic sculptures

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