Lela Design is a studio that provides a complete design and set design service from conceptual design to fieldwork. We also organize smaller business events, festive dinners, inaugurations and receptions with a strong emphasis on design. For more than 25 years the studio has been devotedly managed by owner Mirela Lela Mikšić. Lela and her team have behind the scenes experience of participating in all major business and corporate events across Croatia (Snow Queen Trophy, EU-style dinner party design, Summit 16 + 1 …) The Lela Design team is completely committed to the idea of ​​providing superior service and quality.

Floral installations that follow the theme of the event

floral decorations for business event

Floral decorations

Lela Design set design business event

Elegant branding

business event design

Unique details

Our design symbolically creates or complements association related with your business, event theme, or stage event. In addition to being known for the beauty and quality of floral decorations, we are accompanied by a reputation for trusted, dedicated and focused workers. Respecting the arrangements and deadlines for us means that, if necessary, we will work throughout the night to ensure that your event is seamless. We believe that good communication and mutual trust are prerequisites for providing the highest quality service we strive for.

“The avant-garde and elegance in one – they visually delighted all the guests”

Organizacija i dizajn vjencanja i proslava by Lela Design

Make your event memorable

Lela Design set design business event
Lela Design set design business event
Lela Design set design business event

“Mirela Miksic’s magical hands and clear vision hide behind fantastic flower decorations at the eighth Elle Style Awards”