Mirela Lela Mikšić, owner, soul and heart of Lela Design. An energetic creator of a lavish and romantic floral style. Lives for Lela Design 24 hours a day. Always on the lookout for new, beautiful and better. A workaholic, naturally talented multitasker. Always cool – maybe because she always has a plan B and at least 3 new ideas up her sleeve. On her feet from early morning because she personally chooses the best flower species. She regularly goes to nature where she recharges her batteries in search of pristine natural forms and shapes.

Design of moments to remember

Mirela Lela Miksic


Mirela Lela Miksic


Mirela Lela Miksic event organizer and coordinator


Lela strives to stay up-to-date, following world and domestic trends in art, fashion, design and of course flowers. She uses every opportunity to travel, visits professional fairs and exhibitions in London, Paris, Milan… where she seeks inspiration and obtains literature. She also recently graduated from Preston Bailey’s prestigious Wedding organization and design school in New York.

“An energetic creator of luxurious and romantic style”


Cvjetni dizajn za vjencanja by Lela Design

She gladly shares her knowledge by collaborating on various projects – Lifestyle Academy, as a guest lecturer at the International Women’s Club, guest lecturer at the Zagreb and Mostar Wedding Fair, external contributor to magazines – Story Weddings, Story, Sensa, Elle… on the topic of floral design. She approaches all projects with equal care, but big and glamorous events are her particular pleasure and challenge. With her creative designs, she has been winning awards for the best decorating showrooms for many years.

To make the most beautiful moments even more beautiful

Mirela Lela Miksic organizator i koordinator događaja
Mirela Lela Miksic event organizer and coordinator
Cvjetna instalacija by Lela Design

“Numerous local and professional magazines have written about her dedication to her vocation and the unforgettable ‘works of art’ she creates”