Lela Design is a bridal boutique and wedding planning agency, we can offer a complete service – from conceptual design, selection and organization of performers, design and installation of decorations in space, to running on-site weddings and wedding day design to remember and a few more details that you should not forget because they make the wedding perfect.

Design of moments to remember

floral design

Exclusive equipment

organizacija vjencanja

Best locations

Lela Design organizacija vjencanja

Fairytale design

We create perfect thematic decorations for spaces and tables, select lighting and make a meaningful integration of all decorative elements into one stylish unit. Chandeliers, candles, light bulbs, lanterns, mirrors, video projections, bars, tablecloths and chairs are additional elements that make a wedding special, interesting and fun.

“We turn your vision into reality”

Lela Design

Styling I cvjetni dizajn za vjencanja by Lela Design

Wedding Coordination

We coordinate all the performers during the planning and on the wedding day, communicate with all participants and take over all the logistical details. There is no secret, behind the scenes of the most beautiful and relaxed wedding ceremonies and festivities lies the careful planning and masterful coordination of all the performers.

To make the most beautiful moments even more beautiful

glazba za vjencanja by Lela Design

Top performers

Organizacija vjencanja

Floral design

Cvjetni detalj za salvete by Lela Design

Unique details

Allow us the freedom to choose the performers who, taught by experience, are an essential part of any wedding. Just as the instrument must be tuned for it to sound beautiful, so must all the performers be tuned for the wedding to flow in a perfectly spontaneous rhythm. Wedding fun is key to the guests’ good mood and cozy atmosphere. We create an entertainment program and thus create weddings to remember.

“We want to make the weddings we plan unforgettable”