Lela Design has a lot of experience with private celebrations and family gatherings. Designing and decorating for a private party is a piece of cake for us. Celebrations of christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, themed girls ‘or boys’ evenings, parties – you celebrate and enjoy, we propose and perform a creative decorative solution, we create a party program, we style tables with food and drinks, we plan a seating schedule, gifts for guests, fun props, printed and textile materials and much more. Whether we are making individual decorations or styling multiple decorative elements, our design always follows the basic purpose of the event in a stylish and thematic way, which means that our children’s birthday celebrations will be cheerful, festive parties, anniversaries solemn, and baptisms gentle and intimate.

We tell stories with flowers

Desertni stol i slastice za vjencanja i proslave by Lela Design

Top desserts

Cvjetni dizajn i cvijeće za proslave by Lela Design

Floral decorations

Cvjetne dekoracije za proslave by Lela Design

Unique details

“Our decorations are the magnificent backdrop of every event”

Lela Design

Organizacija i cvjetni dizajn za proslave by Lela Design

Signature floral decorations

Organizacija dječjih rođendana i proslava by Lela Design
Cvjetni vjencani detalji by Lela Design
Organizacija i cvjetni dizajn proslava by Lela Design

Their approach to designing floral decorations is like making artistic sculptures

Story weddings