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As every year, I come up with a small Christmas collection which represent my current style emotions. I love tradition and classic materials for Christmas and I’m still holding on to white candles which appear pure, unobtrusive and highlight simplicity and the point of Christmas.

Besides of loving traditional Christmas decorative elements, I love when they have a soul, tell something and describe people that live in that home. I cherish elegant style but with the branches of dry plums contrast our advent becomes a part of the woods. Richly knitted with the branches of silber it looks like it lies on the glade.

Some of materials that I love are scented cinnamon, warm brown cones, fresh green eucalyptus and of course unavoidable elegant pine ball made of glass. They put the highlight on decoration elegancy.

Cotton? Because the flowers appear like snow balls. Like snow fell on the branches of our advent decorations, trees and wreaths. It just beautiful… and it has sad story to tell and teaches us all about modesty.

I hope that Lela Design decorations will help you bring good holiday emotions in your home.


Yours Lela

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Outdoor Weddings – Why Do We Love Them and What Could Go Wrong   

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, only you and him under the stars,be aware of the possible summer showers, wind and other naturalphenomena that can break your idyll in seconds. Everything you wouldn’t like on your wedding day


The warm weather season is ahead of us and we can finally enjoy in long hot summer nights.
It seems like an ideal time to organise weddings under the stars. You, he, the starry sky and your closest people … looks like a perfect script. And it is, but it is necessary to take into account several very important things.


Nowadays, as much as Pinterest inspires us and we love to find inspiration on it, we need to be aware that the photos of outdoor weddings, under the perfect starry sky are made under controlled conditions, with the goal to enchant and inspire. There is a whole production, set up of various professionals who have created perfect scenes in order to make photos look perfect.

But reality is something completely different. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, only you and him under the stars,be aware of the possible summer showers, wind and other naturalphenomena that can break your idyll in seconds. Everything you wouldn’t like on your wedding day.True, a wedding in an open field just looks perfect, but in this case you have to be flexible and always have a back up plan.

Regarding the wedding décor, the limitations will be present as well. You should be careful not to use tall vases, decorations on platforms or any other glass objects because even the not-so-strong wind is enough to turn your perfect picture from Pinterest into the worst horror for you and your guests.


Of course it is, but you need to prepare an additional plan. It is possible to find locations that have parts of their terraces uncovered, and still you can dance your favourite song under the open sky or you can choose wedding in a tent.

The tents are very good solutions for outdoor weddings even though the couples to-be-married are reluctant to choose them. The tents provide you with additional security in case of bad weather and assure you that your multi-month efforts have not been in vain. The tents, nowadays, are so perfectly made that apart form security also can be used to create the perfect set-up for outdoor weddings.

For us, organisers, it is important to indicate to you all the circumstances that could happen, but of course, the decision is always yours. We are aware that the outdoor weddings, that wonderful “Pinterest Weddings” are the most beautiful thing you could ever wish for, so we always strive to organise that day in perfect way and according to all your wishes.   

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Nivea Bloggers Party


We have been hosts to a lovely women’s get-together full of good emotions. A number of bloggers have arrived in our studio to hear about NIVEA’S new and interesting product. Namely, Nivea has launched a product for all of us who love make up and care for beautiful skin – MicellAIR Expert Cleansing Water.

This product will be very useful during the summer festivals that are ahead of us. In order to be fully prepared for the summer and festival season, many bloggers in our studio have had the opportunity to learn how to make flower crowns, a perfect fashion accessory for every festival.

There hasn’t been lack of laughter and fun accompanied with Pink Lemonade, sushi and cakes. It’s been wonderful to see all this smiling faces when they realised that they alone managed to create flower crowns. Of course, here we talk about many well known bloggers, so there was no photography shortage of the most beautiful details and moments.I am really happy when I can see that everybody gets a chance to fly away into the world of diverse, colourful and unique floral creations.

At the end of this lovely gathering we’ve enjoyed a very tasty chocolate&pears cake (made by Restaurant’s Alegria most diligent hands) and made a toast with champagne. Of course, an all together photo included. All of our shared together moments have been recorded with a professional eye by our wonderful Sanja Jagatić.

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Wedding bouquet


A wedding bouquet is a synonym for any bride or wedding, no matter where it is held or in what style. From old times this floral tradition has represented an important ornamental moment for all brides. But why and how brides have begun to carry bouquets is actually a very interesting story.

The origin of bridal bouquets stems back to ancient past, there are some different data but they all lead to the same story. That is, the brides were carrying bouquets because they wanted to smell special on that day. Namely, the brides than neither had the opportunity to bath every day nor the luxury of using different cosmetic preparations. With a bouquet of fragrant flowers and herbs, the brides could after all smell nice and feel special on their day. Some information suggest that variety of herbs were used for creating the wedding bouquet and than the same herbs were eaten in the evening at the dinner table. It sounds a little bit odd, doesn’t it? Apart from that, certain plants had certain symbolism and brought happiness, so it was understandable that brides wanted to have them near.

It was a common knowledge that brides bring luck so in the 17th century parts of their dresses were taken away from them in order to bring a piece of luck to the guests. Since, surely, to no bride this custom was pleasant, the brides started, instead of their clothes, bringing luck to the guests in a slightly different way. So, the custom of throwing bouquets began. Even today, this practice is used at almost every wedding. Does this really bring luck; we need to ask the ones who, at least one time, have caught the bouquet.

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So, from time to time we need to be reminded that many emotions can be expressed with gestures. Our ability to love is essential for our development and when words are not enough to express our gratitude, love and all beautiful emotions that we feel, just do it with a gesture.

Inspire yourselves with our latest collection that is made with lots of love and share it with someone who is specially dear and important to you.


Do you need an inspiration for Valentine’s Day? Regardless of whether you belong to a group that celebrates Valentine’s Day or you are among those who avoid days like this, one thing is sure – love, hugs and positive emotions are something that we all look forward to and we all need, no matter how rich we think we are, the place where we live or the time of year. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, stress and pressing responsibilities sometimes cause us to run away form ourselves and thus from the ones we love the most.

So, from time to time we need to be reminded that many emotions can be expressed with gestures. Our ability to love is essential for our development and when words are not enough to express our gratitude, love and all beautiful emotions that we feel, just do it with a gesture.

Inspire yourselves with our latest collection that is made with lots of love and share it with someone who is specially dear and important to you.

Valentin’s day

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A wedding planner

A wedding planner is someone who can be of great help during the organization of your dream day, but there are still many couples who consider that the best way to organise their wedding is to do it on their own, which is sometimes true. Massive numbers of wedding planners have recently emerged on the Croatian market and, in accordance to this, the great unprofessionality that have caused many people to distrust planners. However, there are more reasons why a wedding planner might be of great help. Before choosing your wedding planner or organizer, make sure you check his/her references and experience. It doesn’t matter where your location is, a good planner can organise a wedding at the other end of the country or even abroad. Due to his/her rich experience, variety of inventories, a great supporting team and numerous vendors to work with, a true planner can really manifest all your concepts and ideas.

A wedding planner

Why choose a wedding planner? Certainly he/she hasn’t been working on this kind of organisation for the fist time, regardless of the number of guests. Nothing can substitute experience, on top of that a planner has a big database of collaborators. Our planner approaches your wedding as if it were the most important wedding in the world. We consider that each wedding is unique. You will feel much better knowing you have someone to whom you can present your ideas, wishes, suggestions and the planner’s job is to make them happen. A planner can sometimes give you his/her own constructive suggestions or ideas if considers that something even better can be incorporated in your wedding.

One of the most important things, apart from the experience, is the notion that a planner works for the couple to be married and is not affected by the parents, the best men, the bridesmaids or somebody else. So you can be sure that your wishes will eventually be taken care of, without the additional “but”.

Why else would it be important to have a planner – you can rely on a professional who knows every detail of your wedding organisation and takes care that even the smallest detail is in place. It is a person who enables you to relax and enjoy your own wedding day.

a wedding planner

a wedding planner

Numerous weddings are behind the Lela Design Team and what has turned out to be common to all of them were happy and satisfied newlyweds who continued to cooperate with the team after the wedding. They were full of impressions and even a little bit sad because the wedding was over. That is attributed to not exhausting themselves versus couples who organize everything by themselves.

You may think that you can do everything on your own and accordingly spend less money. The fact is that the money you pay for a planner is shortly repaid. As I already mentioned, a planer works with numerous suppliers and has the ability to make discounts, something you can never achieve yourself, also would like to point out the greatest advantage that comes with a planner is an additional team of experienced professionals who are in charge of every detail on your wedding, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Our task is that everything function without mistakes. We control all the details, but nobody should even realize that we are present. We take care of the protocol, the lighting that accompanies the newlyweds during their first dance, the wedding cake that should be served in the right moment, how many glasses of champagne should be served during the cutting of the cake, who needs to be on the dance floor – whether only the newlyweds, or the parents and the best man/bridesmaid, the guests’ schedule, unexpected guests, musicians and making sure that they don’t have too many intervals, electricity, heating, weather conditions … absolutely everything.
A planner is your best “guest” due to the fact that it is his/her job to look after you and everything you want to happen on your wedding day. It is a person who manages the whole orchestra in order to make your wedding perfect, just how you want to remember it, as an unforgettable experience without stress.


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