Online flower shop



Online Flower Shop

With more than 20 years of experience, our studio is proud to have worked on numerous successful projects throughout Croatia and the entire region. The scope of our projects include a considerable number of larger and smaller weddings and corporative events, decorating business and private spaces, preparing stylings for photo shoots and magazine editorials, scenographies for broadcasters, as well as backgrounds and designs for both weddings and events.

We are specialized in creative and unique custom-made weddings, whether small and intimate, big and glamorous or modern, themed ones. Our every effort goes into detailed planning and monitoring all phases of preparation and organization.

Online Flower Shop

We design and set up our own original scenographies and flower arrangements, and provide our own exclusive collection of inventory and textiles. We also provide advisory services to help you find optimal, financially acceptable solutions, with regard to the location of the event and the current offer.

Furthermore, we seek and find the best possibilities of creative expression in any given circumstances.

Our job is given its full meaning only when the client is satisfied, therefore, our client’s needs come first. We believe that good communication and mutual trust are crucial for providing high-quality services.

Online Flower Shop

When organising an event, we pay special attention to logistic details, in order to minimise the surprise-factor on the very day of the event.

Lela Design studio is located at 41 Črnomerec Street, Zagreb. Beside our office and workshop, where we make our decorations, there is a showroom where you can browse through our daily offer of flowers, invitation catalogues, decorative vases, boxes, inventory and rentable scenographic elements.

The studio is managed by its owner, Mirela Lela Mikšić.


Lela Miksic

Lela Mirela Mikšić, owner, Lela Design’ heart and soul. Energetic designer with luxurious and romantic floral style. She is living for Lela Design 24 hours a day. Always up to date and looking for a new, more beautiful and better. Workaholic, naturally talented multitasker. Always cool – perhaps because she always has a plan B, and at least three new ideas up her sleeve. At the feet of the early morning personally selects flowers at wholesale.


Lela is trying to be up to date, accompanied by international and domestic trends in art, fashion, design and of course flowers. Uses every opportunity to travel, visiting trade fairs and exhibitions in London, Paris, Vienna, Milan, New York, Thailand, Bali … where seeks inspiration and acquires literature. Regularly goes to the nature from which charges seeking unspoiled natural forms and shapes.


Her knowledge and experience gladly shares collaborating on various projects – Lifestyle Academy, as a guest-lecturer at the International Women’s Club, guest-lecturer at the Wedding Fair in Zagreb and Mostar, external collaborator in magazines – Lisa, My House, Sensa, Grazia Magazine Weddings , Story … on the topic of floral design. With equal attention she accesses to all projects, but a great and glamorous events are particularly her pleasure and challenge.


About her dedication to her vocation and memorable “works of art”, which she creates has been written in numerous national magazines and professional journals.


Online Flower Shop

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Online Flower Shop

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Online Flower Shop

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Online Flower Shop

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