Bouquet of white roses

380,00 kn2.630,00 kn

A bouquet of white roses is always elegant and refined. It exudes simplicity and purity.

The bouquet comes wrapped in fine silk rustling papers and soda paper. The bouquet is decorated with satin ribbon. The flowers come with a personalized card with your message.


15 roses (400 kn)

20 roses (450 kn)

30 roses (700 kn)

40 roses (900 kn)

50 roses (1,100 kn) – as in the picture

60 roses (1,300 kn)

100 roses (2,000 kn)


If you want to be sure that certain flowers will be available on a specific day, order up to 10 days in advance. We order flowers from world stock exchanges from the Netherlands to Ecuador and we ask for your understanding when ordering.